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When do people choose supervision?

Conflicts at work – when work efficiency goes down due to conflicting relationships with workers, managers or clients and ordinary approaches to situation do not work.

When a person experiences inner conflict between their personal values, provisions and professional role they take. When there is a lack of communication among separate departments, areas of work and roles in organisation.

Leadership challenges – when the questions about the future of organisation or department are rising; when organisation needs to be restructured and the leader/ manager is looking for a dialogue companion to clarify the vision; when in need to explore and become aware of own leadership style; when facing the challenges of personal career planning.

„Burnout“ – when constant emotional fatigue is overwhelming everyday work situations; when it’s too hard to be focused and involved.

Changes at work – when working conditions or workers are changing; when supporting smooth kick-off of new projects; when organisation is changing their direction in creating their culture and values.

Self- support – when your work related problems start “living” in your home, when it’s hard to take a distance from work and work related problems become the problems of your family and influence personal relationship.

Career  – when the need to review and assess your qualities arises; when you need a support to prepare for job interviews with present or future managers; when you need a support during orientation period in new position.

Long- term problems – when there is attempt to solve organisation’s problems by constantly training workers and developing their competences, but the problems of organisation remain the same. It might signal that the problems might be elsewhere.

Curiosity  – when a person seeks to review their ordinary work related life and to seek for new ways of realizing yourself at work; when you want to be more self aware about your work life and to explore new possibilities to develop yourself professionally.