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International membership

In 2005 LPSKA has become an associate member and in 2014 the full member of Association of National Organisations for Supervision in Europe (ANSE).

ANSE has been founded in 1997.  It is an European umbrella association based in Vienna to meet the need for European co-operation and Europe-wide exchange of views among professionals. ANSE unites 17 members from different European countries (Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Slovakia and Ukraine are associate members. 8 more countries (The Great Britain, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Greece) belong to the network of ANSE. ANSE unites more than 8 000 professional supervisors and coaches and 80 certified training institutions from different European countries.

The aims of ANSE

To promote

  • exchange of information between national organisations and training institutes;
  • exchange of experiences between experts of consulting and disseminate supervision and coaching;
  • quality assurance of supervision and coaching (standards).


To support

  • founding of national organisations for supervision and coaching;
  • the development of their own culture of supervision and coaching;
  • training initiatives in European countries;
  • research and to accord study initiatives to develop theories and methodologies for supervision and coaching.

ANSE promotes the learning about cultural diversities and supports cooperation.

The benefit of  ANSE membership for Lithuanian supervisors and their clients:

  • Lithuanian supervisors correspond to the standard of ANSE qualification requirements, consequently this assures the quality of service to the clients.
  • Lithuanian supervisors have a possibility to continuously increase their competence by exchanging updated information, scientific research and experience among colleagues in Europe.
  • By participating in general assemblies and in other decision-making events of ANSE, Lithuanian supervisors have a possibility to influence the development of supervision in Europe.
  • Lithuanian supervisors are entitled to participate in such competence building activities of ANSE as: international summer universities, international conferences, and international intervision groups.

In  2013 Lithuanian supervisors organised International Summer University “Trust. Building trust through supervision”. 75 supervisors from 15 different countries have attended this event.